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Australia Study Visa Consultants


Australia is a cosmopolitan country with people across the planet. It has an extremely sparse population yet is among the biggest countries in terms of land. A highly-developed nation, its major cities are Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Canberra. Australia is famous for its natural beauty as well as technological advances. A wide variety of careers can be made in Australia including chemicals, engineering, sports, business, etc.

We provide the following services

  • Career Counselling: Make Australia the place for achieving your ultimate dreams, as we will benefit your goals.

  • Course Selection: We’ll help you with selecting the best course matched as per your requirements and skills.

  • Admission Guidance: You can get admission in Australia when you are aided by people having expert know-how.

  • Pre-Departure Briefing: Leave your pre-departure worries to us as we will offer assistance on what all needs to be done before taking your flight.

  • Airport Pick-Up: After your flight has landed, a taxi will pick you up from the airport and drop at your new home.

Best colleges / universities in Australia.

Our specialities

  • Great connections with the prominent colleges and universities of Australia

  • Many success stories, as we’ve sent several students for Australia student visa

  • We fulfil all the requirements for doing education from Australia

  • Assistance with finding the right course for your skills and future aspirations

  • We do not charge any money beforehand; the whole money is taken only after you get visa

Vinay Hari - A Realiable Overseas Education and Career Consultant

Pay all money only after getting visa – Mr. Vinay Hari is the only overseas education consultant to give such an offer. You do not need to worry about giving embassy fees and then losing it all after rejection, because we charge all kind of money after visa. In the name of student visa, many small-small agents are doing fraud, cheating honest people of hard-earned money and destroying their dreams. This video is based on reality, what is happening to poor people who are being misled when they go to fraud visa agents.

Take the right decision by going to a reputed agent like Mr. Vinay Hari, who is Australia recognized agent.

Student Testimonials

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