I am very much upset with your government , and I couldn’t refrain myself from expressing my thoughts. I am your admirer who can’t believe what’s going on! Before telling you the reason for my disappointment, let me ask you a question.

What’s common between these eminent personalities?

  • Rahul Sharma of Micromax
  • V. K. Aatre, former head of DRDO
  • M R Srinivasan, Founder Chairman, Nuclear Power Corporation of India
  • Bimal Kumar Roy, director , Indian Statistical Institute

The answer is that all these people studied in Canada, and later returned to India to do some truly commendable work.

They aren’t the only Indians to study in your beautiful country. For many decades, Indians have been availing quality education in Canada, and then using that experience for betterment of people in their native country. But, if things aren’t changed, then soon all this will be history.

For the past few weeks, Canadian authorities have been rejecting student visa of each and every Indian. More than 50,000 students so far have been denied the opportunity to study in Canada. The common reason being given to all these students is

I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit

Essentially, this message is stereotyping Indians as distrustful, who are going to reside as illegal immigrants once the course gets over. And this treatment is being melted out only to Indians, not anyone else.

Mr. Trudeau, you are a person I have always respected. When you came to India some years ago then I welcomed you by putting up huge hoardings and wrote blogs in your praise. I got a lot of support from my country people for these activities, which exhibit how popular you are in India. You are one person who always speaks for what is right, which is why we respect you. Earlier this year when Canada needed vaccines then it was India who supplied AstraZeneca (covisheild). In the past, India has always stood up with Canada in times of need. That’s why I’m surprised to see your immigration authorities behaving in a discriminating manner against my fellow Indians.

If you want another example on what can happen when Indians study in your country, then look at your neighbour USA. The CEO’s of Microsoft , Google , IBM etc. are those who came to USA for study and ended up working there. American embassy was kind to process their student visa based on fair evaluation parameters and the result is now there for all to see. Are you not losing out on such potential Indians who can grow your country ? If these students go and study in another nation and do excellent things there, then history will not be very kind to you, isn’t it so?

Dear Mr. Trudeau, I am your admirer, and I want you to be remembered for all the good things. From great people we have great expectations. You are a role model for liberal-minded people across the world. People regard you for your sense of equality and compassion. Your examples are quoted among school children. And yet today people are facing visa rejections, just because of the country they belong to. This act of discrimination by immigration authorities is therefore quite low, going by your government’s high standards.

Maybe you’re not aware of it and all this is happening without your behest. Because for someone who is an inspiration to liberals around the world, such unjust acts cannot be expected. People across the world come to Canada to study and learn from their culture. Some go back to their countries and work in plum posts. Some apply to work in Canada and end up contributing significantly as citizens. Your own government has quite a few people with their roots in India, who took the authorised route for becoming a permanent resident.

Therefore, I request you to look at this issue, so that Indian students can again start studying in Canada. Then they’ll gain a great perspective, and contribute amazing things to the world, through you.

More importantly, #LetIndiansGrowYourCountry .